Sports Fan Duffle

The Sports Fan Duffle uses our special built-in fan system to rid of the smell of those dirty, sweaty clothes after a long trip or a good workout. It's perfect for any athelete on the go!

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McKScent Fan Duffle

The McKScent Fan Duffle Bag is the only bag on the market that uses a fan powered ventilation system to add your desired cover scent to your hunting clothes and equipment.

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McKenzie's Scent Fan Duffle
McKenzie's Sport Fan Duffle
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Welcome to MacKenzie Outdoors, home of the McKScent Sport Fan Duffle! Many people are excited about our MckScent Sports Fan Duffle Bags (Patent pending). Our bags promote a simple, environmentally-friendly concept: prevent the rapid growth of bacteria in your sports bag using aeration/ ventilation through a built-in fan system.

What are MckScent Sports Fan Duffle Bags? These are sports bags with a built in fan system to aerate and freshen items inside.

Moms & Dads love these bags! They keep their young athletes’ sports pads, safety equipment, helmets, practice uniforms and shoes organized while cutting down on the stinky smell! We’ve tested them with athletes playing soccer, football, baseball, softball, dance, wrestling, skateboarders, surfers’ wet suits, golfers, hunters, and gymnasts. People have taken our duffle bags on vacation with them and have commented about the reduced demands for laundry services while on the road. It also prevents humidity and mildew on leather shoes and purses in the closet or on stowed items subjected to mildew. People tell us new uses for the bag all the time.

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The McKScent Sport Fan Duffle Is Loved By Many!

  • Hunters
  • Campers
  • Traveling Sports Teams
  • Vacationers
  • Atheletes
    • Softball/Baseball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Gymnasts
    • Dancers
    • Body Builders
    • Fitness Enthusiasts & More!

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