About Us

My name is Eddie McKenzie, and my wife will tell you that the inspiration for developing the idea for our sport fan duffle came from our children.  Our teenage daughter plays softball on a traveling softball team, and when her uniforms/ shoes/ helmets were worn on the road for three games straight without being washed, we noticed that her uniforms started to smell like a gym locker, even after repeat washings.  I came up with the concept of the bag initially with my daughter in mind, but, we soon discovered this bag is useful in many ways to many different people!  We also have a 12 year-old son with a congenital disease, called, Osteogenesis Imperfecta also known as “brittle bone disease.”  After long daily use of his leg braces, we realized that we could place the braces in one of the larger duffle bags for aeration, keeping them clean, dry, and fresh, aerating throughout the brace material (not just the outside).  People tell me new uses for the bag all the time.  I like to participate in outdoor sports, like hunting, and the bag is great for adding the outdoor scent to hunting gear.  My wife likes to use the bags for items that are stored in the closet for long periods of time, where they might be subjected to the South Carolina humidity!  It works so well for every member of our family, and we continue to get positive feedback from people all over the world who have placed orders from some of the trade shows that we participate in throughout the year.   We hope you like it, and if you come up with a new use for the bag, we'd love to hear about it!