How Does It Work?

How does it work?  Air is drawn in through the “air intake pocket” that may or may not contain a variety of scented items, such as a dryer sheet, organically-scented material, or a scent pad, to freshen clothes or items in the bag.   The air flow through the bag alone is enough to prevent sweaty or damp clothes/shoes/accessories from spoiling, but some may choose to add their favorite scent to their personal items.   The fan pulls the air along with the desired scent aerating the contents of the bag.  It’s like having your clothes and work out gear freshened on your great grandmother’s clothes line, only it’s portable and convenient!

How it Works

Independent Testing

We completed our own testing, using petre dishes with live sweat bacteria, placing them in three of our bags. One bag was closed up without use of the built in fan for 36 hours. In the second bag, we ran the fan for 36 hours. And in the third bag, we ran the fan for 36 hours and added germ x to the scent pad in the air intake pocket. The results were as follows: In the first bag, after 36 hours we could visually see the black bacteria growing in the dish. In the second bag (without “germ x”), nothing grew, and the air flow dried up the content in the dish, leaving 15% of the content of the dish completely hardened. In the third bag (with the “germ x”) and the fan running for 36 hrs nothing grew because the air flow dried up the content in the dish leaving 100% of the petre dish content hard as a rock! The bags with the fan system in it took away one of the growing environments for bacteria which is dampness!